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Product Review
No. Product info Category Title Posted by Date View Recommend Rate
43 MEDI ENERGY INFUSION EYE MASK View Details great for pampering session Popular message F**** 2019-01-21 280 0 5points
42 MEDI HYDRO VIAL EYE MASK View Details Best eye patches I have used Popular message V**** 2019-01-18 236 0 5points
41 MEDI HYDRO VIAL EYE CREAM View Details Amazing effects Popular message H**** 2019-01-18 270 0 5points
40 Medi Hydro Toner View Details Great first step! Popular message[1] F**** 2019-01-18 342 0 5points
39 Wonjin Energy Infusion Mask 1EA View Details great addition to skincare routine Popular message[1] F**** 2018-09-17 457 0 5points
38 Medi Hydro Emulsion View Details Milky and mild Popular message[1] W**** 2018-09-17 309 0 5points
37 Medi Hydro Toner View Details My skin has never feel so plump Popular message H**** 2018-09-17 295 0 5points
36 Wonjin Energy Infusion Mask 10EA Set View Details Greatly satisfied. Popular message[1] F**** 2018-07-23 365 0 5points
35 [Intensive Cream]STN-COLL and Penta-peptide ingredients can densely fill up the deeper skin layer, causing the skin to be tight and elastic! View Details Calmed my rosacea skin Popular message C**** 2018-07-11 305 0 5points
34 [Withbee Honey Bomb Mask 10EA Set] Powerful Prescription for the Undernourished Skin View Details Perfect for flights Popular message[1] C**** 2018-07-11 294 0 5points
33 [Baby Glow Cream] Radiant Skin Glowing from the Inside View Details Skincare, make-up base and highlighter in one! Popular message[1] C**** 2018-07-03 406 0 5points
32 [Water Bomb Mask 1EA] SOS! Need Moisture! 3-step Moisturizing Bomb View Details Go-to mask Popular message J**** 2018-07-03 310 0 5points
31 Baby Beige Cream 50ml View Details quite moisturizing, but not oily at all Popular message J**** 2018-07-03 275 0 5points
30 [Amino Up Mask 10EA Set] Lifting and Tone Up with Amino Acid and Collagen View Details STEP.2 Eye gel - please launch it as a full product! Popular message H**** 2018-06-28 301 0 5points
29 [Vita Moist Ampoule] Perfect Collaboration of Moisturizing and Vitamin View Details Unique skincare product Popular message h**** 2018-06-21 328 0 4points
28 [Vita Moist Ampoule] Perfect Collaboration of Moisturizing and Vitamin View Details Pretty design and excellent functions! Popular message m**** 2018-06-21 321 0 5points

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